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Life Skills 4 Inclusion: LET'S START!

The first meeting for the project "Life skills for inclusion" (Project reference: 2022-2-IT02-KA210-ADU-000091959), coordinated by Cooperatoiva Diversa Arte, based in Rome, Italy, with the support of the partners Dinserta (Spain), Community Development Institute (Macedonia) and Aketh (Greece), with a budget of € 60,000.00 and funded by the European Commission within the framework of Erasmus+ Adult sector, took place on Monday 3 April.

The meeting was held online, and the participants, project managers and presidents of the institutions involved, had the pleasure of getting to know each other better, at least visually, and thus being able to break the ice in order to establish a cool and open atmosphere. In fact, the meeting started with an interactive session, in which participants shared with the group their mood and feelings regarding the start of the project. Immediately a great desire to work together emerged, with enthusiasm and professionalism.

The meeting then developed by examining the more technical aspects of the project and sharing the tasks to be carried out, each with their own work assignments. To this end, the following session was very useful, in which each project manager took the floor, describing clearly and in detail his or her own reality as a territorial entity and the expectations of each on the impacts that the project will generate on the local community and context.

It was a very interesting and formative moment of sharing for everyone, which allowed us to relate the hard and soft skills of the whole consortium and also allowed us to understand the needs of all the entities involved.

The participants then discussed the international activity, which will take place at the Dideas partner site. In fact, after having shared in detail the aspects relating to the themes of the activity, the working days and the results that the partners will generate, the Dideas project manager took the floor, explaining in more detail the logistical aspects relating to the location, how it can be reached and we defined together the dates on which the week of international activity will be held.

After this more serious moment, we moved on to choose the project logo together, from the three that had been proposed. We also shared and defined together the best project practices, in order to give life to a project that also cares about the sustainability of actions in an ecological key, a factor that cannot be neglected under any circumstances in this historical moment, creating an internal protocol within the partnership, called "Zero Environmental Impact".

We discussed the next steps to be developed in preparation for the international activity and closed with the last session for any doubts, questions, considerations, and final clarifications.

We couldn't miss... a team photo!!! WE ARE SO READY TO CARRY ON WORKING TOGETHER.

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