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DINSERTA CENTRO ESPECIAL DE EMPLEO como signataria del Charter de la Diversidad respeta las normativas vigente en materia de igualdad de oportunidad y anti-discriminación, y asumen the following basic principles:

  • Sensitize: the principles of equal opportunities and respect for diversity must be included in the company's values and disseminated among employees.

  • Advance in the construction of a diverse workforcea: the company must encourage the integration of people with diverse profiles (regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, age, disability, etc.).

  • promote inclusion: integration must be effective, avoiding any type of discrimination (direct or indirect) at work.

  • Consider diversity in all people management policies:Diversity management should not be just another human resources practice, but rather a transversal factor, which is at the base of all decisions made in this area.

  • Promote conciliation through a balance in work, family and leisure time: organizations must establish mechanisms that allow the harmonization of working life with the family and personal life of all workers.

  • Recognize customer diversity: organizations must know the profile of customers, recognizing that their diversity is also a source of innovation and development.

  • Extend and communicate commitment to employees: the commitment that the organization acquires by being a signatory to the Diversity Charter must be shared across the entire company.

  • Extend and communicate the commitment to supplier companies: inviting them to join the community of companies in Spain that adhere to the voluntary commitment promoted by the Charter.

  • Extend and communicate this commitmentor to administrations, business organizations, unions, and other social agents.

  • Reflect activities in support of non-discrimination,as well as the results obtained from the implementation of the diversity policies in the company's annual report.

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