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The focus of the Human Resources Policy of Dinserta Centro Especial Empleo SL is to achieve an organizational culture oriented towards people, which considers them as a fundamental strategic asset that needs to be cared for, developed and motivated. For this reason, this human resources policy is developed within the framework conferred by the Strategic Plan of our special employment center and evolves to try to offer a response to all the needs of both the organization and the people who work within it.

For this reason, we pay great attention to the incorporation of new talent in Dinserta, we select professionals who are eager to learn, creative, innovative, with the ability to work as a team and with a clear social commitment to respect and tolerance. We believe that integrity and the search for quality are two qualities that make a difference and are aligned with the way we do things, so we attach great importance to the value that each person can bring to the company.

In the same way, we think it is important that those who work with us feel cared for from their first day, and for this reason we have a welcome plan that communicates our organizational culture, our values and our way of understanding to the new members of the workforce. our work, so that they can feel the company just like we do

Dinserta is a company committed to social justice, and for this reason we show a strong commitment to promoting diversity and equal opportunities within our organization. This commitment crystallizes in the development and implementation of our company Equality Plan, which, based on knowledge of the situation of the workforce, proposes a whole series of actions to try to develop coherent gender and family reconciliation policies that allow workers and workers enjoy both their personal and professional lives, contributing to correct the historical inequalities that our society has been dragging through by promoting women's access to the labor market and all the social impact that derives from it.

 In the same way, we are aware of the role of companies in the society in which they are inserted, as well as the difficulties presented by Dinserta's social environment. For this reason, we work daily to be a benchmark in the creation and consolidation of jobs, as well as in the development of personnel who are already part of our organization, since our future is linked to attracting, linking and retaining talent. that we can find around us, and by strengthening our job offer we carry out an important mission of support to the society that surrounds us.

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